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Kartel Accounting Company renders complete accounting services to companies and individuals. This includes everything that your company needs to work in accordance with the tax and social security legal framework. We advise you to conclude an accounting services agreement – in this case we will get to know the specific needs of your company (the specific character of the business, the size of the document flow, etc.) and will approach the accounting services individually.

The accounting services that we offer to customers with a subscription accounting service (company accountancy) or as one-off accounting services include:

Processing of primary accounting documents

  • Preparation and filing of a VAT return
  • Preparation of a trial balance in accordance with an individual chart of accounts for the company that you have approved

Management of tangible fixed assets

  • Analytical systematization of the assets according to the various groups of TFA, including lease assets
  • Accruing accounting and tax depreciation, keeping a tax and accounting depreciation schedule

Cash and bank operations

  • Processing bank statements of the payments made (including international payments)
  • Processing of cash payments, cash reporting

Payroll services

  • Preparing employees’ personnel files
  • Filing notifications under art.62 of the Labour Code of the employment contracts concluded and terminated
  • Filing medical certificates
  • Payrolls, pay slips
  • Filing declarations, Forms 1 and 6
  • Preparing payment orders for social security contributions
  • Preparing civil contracts and remuneration forms

Processing warehouse operations

  • Entering inventories analytically
  • Forming the cost price of the ready products
  • Signing ready products out

Processing secondary accounting documents

  • Accounting costs for fuels based on duly prepared journey forms
  • Accounting business trips based on complete sets of documents

Activities and declarations required by the tax and social security legislation

  • Preparing annual financial statements
  • Preparing and filing tax returns under the Corporate Income Tax Act
  • Preparing statements and documents for the Labour Inspectorate, the National Social Security Institute, the National Revenue Agency and Local Taxes and Fees
  • Chronological and analytical statements of the movements on the accounts, accounts of work with customers and suppliers